Skittle & Trophy Presentation Evening

The above event was held on 7th December at a local bowling club, when 33 members & families attended. The usual competition Ladies v Gents with the Ladies winning one of the legs which was greeted by great applause by the Ladies.

A game of killer was held with Len Rivers being the winner of the Booby trophy. Many thanks to members who assisted & donated raffle prizes, which contributed towards the cost of the room. Thanks also to our Secretary Brian Freegard & his wife Doreen for arranging the evening & the fish & chip supper from the local shop.

 The Trophy winners for 2013 were presented by the President`s wife Joan, these were as follows :-   

Steering trophies

Swindon           1st  Richard Foggin     Fast electric boat       2nd  Len Rivers    Tug Amy

Presidents        1st  Len Rivers              Tug Amy                    2nd  Brian Mortimer  Waverider

Hambro            1st  Brian Mortimer    Waverider                  2nd  Len Rivers     Tug Amy

Class Trophies

Travellers Fare Cup (scratch)                             Margaret Brown          Canal Boat Rosie

Extravaganza Cup  (kit)                                     Aaron Cryan                 Piccasso

Coate  (steam)                                                     Len Rivers                    Choupette

Battle  (warship & military)                               John Hodey                  Picket Boat

Ship Shape  (Merchant & Pleasure)                  Colin Maxfield             Canal Boat

Lifeboat  (life saving & safety)                            Alan Richmond           Bouy Layer

Junior                                                                   Aaron Cryan

Bill Woolfall  (Engineering or Service to club)  Alan Kerr                     Setting up club website

Stan Ray  (Tug)                                                    John Brown                 Glasgow

Details of trophies Click Here