Quayside Chronicle              Sept 2013

Apologies for not producing an earlier newsletter, but now that the season is nearly over here is a resume’ of activities this year.

The first events were Beale Park & Lambourne on 5th May, with 4 members attending the former & had a good day sailing which resulted in Brian Freegard having his photo in the Marine Modeller, whereas 7 members attended Lambourne which was a new venue for the club, it was static and well received by the organisers who have asked us back next year. Thanks to John & Margaret for arranging same.

1-2 June. Trout Inn Lechlade. This was a larger event than usual and the turnout of members was good with about 30 boats and engineering items exhibited. The pool was well used but the number of spectators could have been better. The weather was fair and the food was good.

9 June. Knightcote. Several members made the trip to the club’s open day and from reports it was very good. There was a fun steering competition held, the winner was John Brown with his Glasgow.

29-30 June. Strawberry & Steam, Lotmead. Once again a good turn out with plenty of activity and spectators. There were two interesting new boats on show with both having sea trials namely Brian Mortimer’s Great Britain and Derek Alesbury’s Paddle Steamer, we look forward to these being finished.

20-21 July. Duckling ton. This year was static due to the organiser’s being unable to supply water, that showed in the attendance of members with Brian Young both days and Saturday Colin and George and on Sunday John and Margaret. Next year we must consider whether it’s worth the journey. Even so there were several boats on display together with the engineering items working. There was quite a good interest taken by the public in our display.

27-28 July. Scolton Manor. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. George  visited this event and had a very good enjoyable time, his two grandsons assisted sailing the five boats he took with him and they spent a lot of time on the water. West Wales Model Boats made him very welcome.

11 August. Tetbury. This was a static event and the usual members attended raising plenty of interest with boats and engineering items. One thing at static shows Nick can still run his engines which draws the spectators.

17-18 August. Fairford.Due to the venue being changed And cut to the 18th  only, there were several restrictions imposed and the number of entrance tickets were reduced, it was considered by the committee not worth the club taking part.

17 August. Wanborough. This was a new static event which the club waqs asked to attend at the Lotmead show but could not due to the Fairford, but as this was cancelled George contacted the organiser and Len made the arrangements. The show was well attended by seven members who were well received, we have been asked back next year possibly with the pool, but this show is only in the afternoon. The only drawback was a shower of rain, as cars were nearby shelter was quickly obtained.

The following events are outstanding:-

28-29 September. Crofton Steam Gala, Crofton Pumping Station. Pool erection Friday 27th 2.0pm. this is a very interesting event held in the grounds of the pumping station, with the pumps in steam. Usually the attendance is good and a lot of interest is shown.

17-20 October. Midland Model Engineering Exhibition, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Entries already in.

8-10 November. International Model Boat Show, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Entries to Brian Young before or at October meeting.

7 December. Skittles and Prize giving evening. Names to Secretary at October meeting please

Each month, lake days have been held at Lotmead in March and Coate for the remainder, sailing has been good and well attended. Certain members also visit on Wednesday afternoon so join them.

On 25th August we decided to hold an open day and the secretary emailed several local clubs, but only five members of the Mid Thames attended, our own member numbers were poor with about 10 in all. However a good day was had by all after the early morning shower. A fun steering competition was run and the winner was (you’ve guessed it) John Brown. Next year’s event to be discussed and held earlier due to the weed. Thanks to the weeding parties to allow this event to take place.

A steering competition was held on 15th September for the three trophies, 5 members only attended. The course was curtailed due to the weather and timed with percentage error marking the one with the lowest error to be the winner. Due to the low attendance we will hold another event on 27th October when both scores will be considered. More at the October Meeting.

At the January meeting discussion took place regarding the club going on the Internet, this was agreed. Our web site address is www.smbec.org.uk It is a good start but it is up to all members to add to its content. Comments and photos to committee who will pass on to Alan Kerr who was elected Web Master. Alan is a new member and agreed to make all arrangements. It’s yours so please use it.

See you at the October Meeting.