International Model Boat Show. 2013

We went on Sunday both to see the Show and later to collect our boats. This time the Car Park was very sparsely populated. Security being greater owing, we are told to a number of passes being wrongly used at past events. The Exhibitor's Entrance this time.

The diminished attendance compared to previous years was evident by the ease of access to the trade stands. Even Howes were able to stand and chat to the Punters instead of waiting three deep. The number of trade stands seemed to be holding up to their usual munbers.

Anya and her colleagues at Meridienne had done us proud with our stand; both the site and the size. In spite of Brian's thoughts that it might be too big I thought that it was just about right and he was able to display our boats to advantage. We were allocated two sailing slots on Sunday, even being announced over the PA as 'The Swindon Club'. Derek Alesbury and Dolly had a bit of trouble with the width of the pool which was only just enough for Brian Mortimer and Waverley. George Kirkham had Jon as usual, careering round the pool like a Lechlade skiff on steroids.

There was an interesting gas turbine powered ferry on the water just before us. Very nicely made model and power plant installation but it seemed a bit of overkill to me, to mount a geared gas turbine engine into a ferry boat.

As usual, an interesting show but I couldn't help wondering if the best times are over considering the low levels of support.

Brian Freegard


The Following pictures where kindly taken by Colin Maxfield