The White Horse Model Engineering Show at Westbury Sept 2015

Well what a great turn out from our club with a great diversity of models.

The weather stayed kind to us so we could use the lake and sail our boats. Now here is the story, It was my boats maiden voyage (Alaska) and I was very excited. So lit the boiler waited for the steam pressure to rise and full of expectation lowered her on to the lake. The first thing the happened was she got weed round the prop and the wind blow her under a tree !, Not good, so after various attempts and failure to retrieve her George Kirkham very kindly went back to the tent, sorry marque, we were in and got his retrieving rod. While we where waiting one of our younger members used his speed boat to push her close for George to retrieve it with his pole.

So second run, made sure the boat was facing out to the middle of the lake and away from the weed. She was off for a whole 15 seconds. boiler pressure dropped, run out of gas, this is because we spent 15 to 20 mins with her steaming in the trees!. So at the end of her maiden voyage I have a winter project to build a new boiler (bigger) install a bigger gas tank and check the timing on the engine as it had a job starting on it’s own.

Bruce Fleet had the opportunity to run his class 47 loco on the club track.

All the other boats went extremely well and enjoyed having a big lake to sail on.

We must thank the West Wiltshire Society of Model Engineers for putting on a great show and inviting us, for the first time, to display our boats & engineering projects, they even supplied us with free tea, coffee & light refreshment.

A man from the Warminster herald turn up and took some pictures of our display for his paper. If wish to check them out click this link after Wednesday.

Below are a few picture I took of the display. Thank you every one that came and made it a very enjoyable day.

Alan Kerr